Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on PPT Plant Structure Material for Fourth Grade Students


  • Imroatul Kamelia Universitas Panca Marga
  • Ludfi Arya Wardana Universitas Panca Marga
  • Shofia Hattarina Universitas Panca Marga
  • Rofika Nuriyanti Universitas Panca Marga



Interactive PowerPoint (PPT), learning outcomes, science


This study was conducted because fourth-grade students need media to support their learning outcomes. The purpose of this study is to develop interactive media based on PPT on science lesson material plant structure for Class IV SDN Mentor. This type of research is developmental research. This study uses 5 steps of research procedures according to Borg and Gall that have been modified, including 1) potential and problems, 2) Data Collection, 3) Product Manufacturing, 4) Product Validation, 5) product revision, and 6) usage trials. Subjects in this study are students of class IVA SDN Mentor. The instrument used in this study is a questionnaire and learning outcomes. The questionnaire was conducted by media experts with a percentage of 97.5%, material experts with a percentage of 95.83%, science learning experts with a percentage of 93.75%, the recapitulation of student responses with a percentage of 99.6%, and student learning outcomes obtained a percentage of 93.3%. The results showed that Interactive Learning Media based on PPT is included in the category of “very good”.


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Imroatul Kamelia, Ludfi Arya Wardana, Shofia Hattarina, & Rofika Nuriyanti. (2022). Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on PPT Plant Structure Material for Fourth Grade Students. Proceeding PGSD UST International Conference on Education, 3(1), 67–70.