Development of Project-Based Learning-Based Thematic Worksheet Teaching Materials in Class IV Gending Elementary School


  • Reicha Rossa Kusmastuti Universitas Panca Marga
  • Ludfi Arya Wardana Universitas Panca Marga
  • Shofia Hattarina Universitas Panca Marga
  • Rofikha Nuriyanti Universitas Panca Marga



Teaching material, project basic learning, thematic


This study aims to create a product, determine the design and development of teaching materials and determine the design and feasibility, of the teacher's response to the development of thematic LKS teaching materials based on basic learning projects. The method used in this research is the Research and Development (R&D) method. This refers to the 4D model which consists of 4 stages, namely Define, Design, Develop and Disseminate. The instruments used in this study were media expert validation sheets, material expert validation sheets, and teacher response questionnaires. The results showed that: (1) the design of developing PjBL-based thematic teaching materials was good and could be an interesting innovation, and (2) the feasibility of PjBL-based thematic teaching materials was assessed by media expert validators obtaining 92% in the "Very Eligible" category. and the results of material expert validation obtained that the feasibility reached 87.5% included in the "Very Eligible" category, (3) the results of the teacher's response to teaching materials in this thematic learning obtained 92% in the "Very Eligible" category. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the product of the teaching materials developed has a very high level of validity, so it is feasible to be used in the learning process.


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Kusmastuti, R. R. ., Wardana, L. A. ., Hattarina, S. ., & Nuriyanti, R. . (2022). Development of Project-Based Learning-Based Thematic Worksheet Teaching Materials in Class IV Gending Elementary School. Proceeding PGSD UST International Conference on Education, 3(1).