Development of Science Worksheet Oriented on Marzono's Taxonomy to Improve High Order Thinking of Elementary School Students


  • Rahma Kurnia Novitasari Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
  • Wahyu Kurniawati
  • Wahyu Prihatiningsih


Higher order thinking skills are defined as the broad use of the mind to find new challenges. These higher thinking skills want him to apply new information or prior knowledge and utilize the information for possible answers in new situations. higher thinking skills include: Analyzing (C4), Evaluating (C5), and creativity (6). This research is based on observations, it is known that teachers have never developed HOTS-based worksheets, teachers only provide learning tools in the form of paper worksheets, where students know to fill out questions based on what they know. So that the learning and use of the WORKSHEET is felt to have weaknesses including students not completing the questions given. This study aims to find out how to develop HOTS-based worksheets in science learning. Data collection techniques were carried out using validation techniques to meet the needs of material experts, design experts, linguists and practitioners. The results of the study are: have developed HOTS-based worksheets in science learning. Based on the results, it can be said that the HOTS-based WORKSHEET in science learning is declared valid and does not require a significant overhaul so that it is very suitable to be used as teaching materials in learning.