Psychological well-being and stress on the Seafarer


  • Marchelina febe Bunda Mulia University, Indonesia
  • Nicholas Ryan Bunda Mulia University, Indonesia


Psychological well being, work stress , seafarer's


During the Covid 19 pandemic, many individuals were vulnerable to stress, including workers, especially those working on the high seas (seafarer's). As happened with Indonesian crew members who work for cruise ships, based on the results of brief interviews with crew members who worked during this pandemic, they rarely returned home to meet their families. They are required to work more on the ship but are not allowed to go home to spend time with their families. On average, the crew members who work on ships do not want to take risks by recruiting new employees or staying in one place for a long time due to the COVID pandemic. They only have two choices: to continue working or change jobs and look for new jobs on land. Situations like this seem to trigger stress on the crew, which will impact their psychological well-being from the crew (Rider, 20171). This attracts attention to facilitating the crew members to become comfortable with their working environment for a long time by knowing the condition of the ship's psychological well-being. It is expected to reduce the stress level on the crew.




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