Validation of a measure of the ARC`s self determination scale in middle school students at Palembang


  • Tsurayya Syarif Zain Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya, Indonesia
  • Siti Dini Fakhriyah UIN Raden Fatah Palembang, Indonesia
  • Jesyia Meyrinda UIN Raden Fatah Palembang, Indonesia


ARC`s self determination scale, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Middle school student, self determination, validation


The Arc's Self-Determination Scale assesses students' beliefs about themselves and self-determination. The study aims to evaluate the validation of the adaptation of the ARC's Self-Determination Scale Indonesian version. The sample in this study was 103 junior high school students. Researchers used purposive sampling, a type of sampling technique, namely non-probability sampling. Sampling was carried out by distributing research questionnaires online using Google Forms. The researcher adapted the Self Determination Instrument developed by Michael L. Wehmeyer (1995), namely The Arc's self-determination scale, which consists of 32 statement items. The aspects measured are autonomy, self-regulation, psychological empowerment, and self-realization. In this study, researchers used Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) using Mplus 8.0 software (Muthen & Muthen, 2017) to test the validity of the measuring instrument. This study concludes that the modified and validated ARC self-determination scale is significantly capable of measuring self-determination, so no items from the modified ARC scale need to be discarded if the calculation uses an accurate score calculation with a bi-factor model.




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Zain, T. S., Fakhriyah, S. D., & Meyrinda , J. . (2023). Validation of a measure of the ARC`s self determination scale in middle school students at Palembang. International Conference on Indigenous Psychology and Culture, 1(1), 89–98. Retrieved from