Dynamics of women’s psychology victims of violence in household and influence on children’s emotional development


  • Siti Hafsah Budi Argiati Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia
  • Dinar Westri Andini Universitas Sarjnawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia
  • Galuh Ridha Purwani Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia


Child Emotional development , Victims of violence , Psychological dynamics


Domestic violence results in physical, sexual, psychological misery and/or neglect of the household. The purpose of this research is to describe the psychological dynamics experienced by women who are victims of domestic violence and their influence on children’s emotional development. This research is a descriptive research using qualitative methods. The approach used is phenomenology. Research subjects are people or parties who experience acts of domestic violence, totaling 2 people. Data obtained through in-depth interviews are unstructured. Observations were also made to strengthen the data. Data validity test was carried out by triangulation (source, technique and time). The data analysis technique uses the Miles and Huberman model which consists of data collection, data reduction, data display and conclusion drawing/verification. The results of the study found that domestic violence that had been going on for a long time formed a gradual psychological dynamic from the beginning that blamed oneself to become subjects who were able to survive problems and have good self-acceptance. Being able to adapt to things that hurt him is what makes him strong. Forming yourself to be a strong person and have good self-acceptance. While the influence on child development, the mindset appears that everything can be obtained with violence.




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Argiati, S. H. B., Andini, D. W., & Purwani, G. R. . (2023). Dynamics of women’s psychology victims of violence in household and influence on children’s emotional development. International Conference on Indigenous Psychology and Culture, 1(1), 183–189. Retrieved from https://seminar.ustjogja.ac.id/index.php/icipc/article/view/765