Ewuh pakewuh as a culture in Java society

A psychological Study


  • Fatmawati Rahim Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Darmawan Mutaqqin Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia


Ewuh Pakewuh , Complience , Interdependent , Self-conscious , Obidience


Ewuh Pakewuh is a common attitude in Javanese society. Ewuh pakewuh is a manifestation of reticence that is formed because there is respect in order to maintain good relations and avoid conflict (rukun principle). This article was made using the literature review method with the aim of discussing what matters are related to the ewuh pakewuh so that it is hoped that it will be able to add new studies about the culture of the ewuh pakewuh. This article attempts to explain three psychological aspects that can explain ewuh pakewuh in Javanese society, namely obedience, compliance, and self-conscious shyness. The attitude of ewuh pakewuh in Javanese society shows that there is an interdependent pattern which is a form of individual adjustment with other people in a relationship or a group.




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Rahim, F., & Darmawan Mutaqqin. (2023). Ewuh pakewuh as a culture in Java society: A psychological Study. International Conference on Indigenous Psychology and Culture, 1(1), 147–153. Retrieved from https://seminar.ustjogja.ac.id/index.php/icipc/article/view/773