Menguraikan Bilangan Melalui Permainan Batu Gunting Kertas Pada Pembelajaran Matematika Kelas 1 Sekolah Dasar


  • Anik Triwinarti Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta
  • Ana Fitrotun Nisa Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta

Kata Kunci:

Pendidikan matematika, konsep bilangan, siswa kelas 1 SD, pembelajaran interaktif, permainan batu gunting kertas


Mathematics education at the elementary level plays a crucial role in establishing the foundational understanding of mathematical concepts for students. One of the key concepts is numbers. Introducing the concept of numbers to first-grade students is an essential initial step in building a strong mathematical understanding. Mathematics instruction at the elementary school level needs to be engaging and interactive, fostering curiosity and student participation. A study conducted at Semin III Elementary School in July 2023 revealed several challenges in teaching the concept of numbers to first-grade students, including difficulties in grasping abstract concepts and passive student engagement. A potential solution could involve creative games like rock-paper-scissors, which can be adapted cleverly to convey numerical concepts to students. In this game, hand choices can be interpreted as representations of numbers. Students directly interact with numerical concepts, making the learning experience more meaningful. This research aims to understand, enhance engagement, strengthen visualization skills, and cultivate social skills in students through this game. Research support indicates that the game improves student interaction, interest, and comprehension. The significance of enjoyment in learning is illustrated by studies showing that enjoyable learning experiences contribute to brain development in children. By adhering to ethical guidelines, this study seeks to enhance the teaching of numerical concepts in first-grade elementary school classrooms through engaging and interactive games.

Keywords: Mathematics education, numerical concepts, first-grade students, interactive learning, rock-paper-scissors game.