Implementasi literasi siswa SD Bantul Warung melalui Program GLS ( Gerakan Literasi Sekolah)


  • Eni Tri Mulatsih SD Bantul Warung, Yogyakarta dan Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta
  • Ana Fitrotun Nisa Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta

Kata Kunci:

Implementation of literacy, GLS Program


This research examines the planning, implementation, supporting factors, and inhibiting factors for the implementation of the school literacy movement at SD Bantul Warung, Bantul. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach. Data sources are sources, events, locations, documents. Data collection techniques using interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of the study are as follows: (1) in the implementation there is a written plan in SK No. 188/012, (2) in the implementation of the literacy movement there are 3 stages namely habituation, development, and learning, (3) the supporting factors are parties from inside and outside the school who participate in developing literacy activities, meanwhile, the inhibiting factors are the lack of performance of the literacy team schools and the lack of available reading books