Strategi Peningkatan Literasi di Sekolah dasar


  • Tri Nafiah SD N Semarangan 1
  • Nita Kusumawardani Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta
  • Reni Himawanti Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta
  • Puspita Putri Sinta Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta
  • Banun Havifah Cahyo Khosiyono Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta

Kata Kunci:

elementary school, literacy, strategy


The literacy culture of Indonesian students is still low. It can be seen from the education report cards, the results of the Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM) which show that students' literacy abilities are still not optimal. Various ways are done to improve students' literacy skills. This research was conducted with the aim of describing various strategies used to improve students' literacy skills, especially at the elementary school level, as well as analyzing the impact of their implementation. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. Data collection methods used in this study include interviews, observation, and documentation. Various literacy improvement strategies applied in this study were relatives of sabu (one child per book), literacy games (literacy dice, connecting sentences, Sundanese challenges, and chain messages), visiting the library and keeping a reading journal, reading aloud, and retelling story . The results showed that there was an increase in students' literacy skills. Comparison of education report cards for 2022 and 2023 shows that there is an increase in literacy skills by 13.72%