Forensic Analysis of Soil Improvement Methods in River Delta Area for Railway Mode


  • Angga Darmawan Department Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Yogyakarta


soil improvement, settlement of consolidation, slope stability, river delta


In the context of the construction of a railway line, it is necessary to design an efficient and safe embankment construction. Therefore, the construction design needs to be studied using relevant data to obtain an embankment design that meets the needs so that the implementation process is not disrupted. This paper will present the results of the evaluation related to the condition of the existing embankment as well as alternative methods of soil improvement and embankment reinforcement, slope stability, settlement analysis and soil bearing capacity. Based on drilling data (SPT), soft soil is located up to a depth of 40 m and hard soil up to 60 m has not been found, plus additional information that the area is a river that has been filled and settlement has occurred about 32 cm. Analysis result of the existing state will continue to decrease to 2.7 m and add nonsolid embankment material. The first alternative is to dismantle the existing embankment, then the base of the embankment is repaired with geotextiles and embankment reconstruction according to standards, considering the addition of periodic ballast because it is still down by 1.78 m. The second alternative is the box culvert structure, considering the smaller load from the embankment. The settlement of consolidation that occurs is quite small at 0.126 m


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