On behalf of the organizing committee of the International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Technology, we are very pleased that this first international conference held by the faculty of engineering Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa was successful. This conference aims to firstly explore, to recognize, and to discuss the trends, challenges, and opportunities about engineering and technology innovation for sustainability, and secondly, to provide the publication output in the form of ISBN proceeding as a medium to disseminate research results. 


The concept of sustainability which has recently been developing significantly in various studies provides a huge number of practical and theoretical implications. It is obvious that the current technological development as well as innovation creation should bring the benefits to various sectors by taking into account sustainability pillars. In other words, innovations on engineering and technology are not only aimed at profit or economic interests, but also in today’s modern world, concerns on environmental and social aspects are also getting more serious attention. Further, this situation is certainly demanding challenges that the contribution bringing economic benefits should also consider minimal negative impacts on environment. Simultaneously, the social positive impacts may also be increased. By considering these three pillars, the sustainable development can be achieved. Therefore, apart from the challenges, more opportunities will also be obtained in order to ensure the sustainability-oriented innovations.      


Finally, we are very glad that this forum provides a space to collaborate and discuss the modern world’s issues. In this opportunity, we also express our appreciation to the keynote speakers, presenters, and participants who proactively share their thoughts and ideas in this event. We hope that this event will be even better in the coming year, and thus, the continuous improvement is certainly necessary.   


Dean & the Organizing Committee