Comparative Study of Unit Price Analysis of Wages, Materials and Equipment on Excurement Work and Head Works Between SNI Method and Field


  • Cornelius Agatho Gellu Civil Engineering Department, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia


Unit Price of Work, Comparison, Wages, Materials, Equipment


In this study, an analysis of the results of the analysis calculation was carried out unit price of work by using the SNI analysis method with Field. This research takes a case study of Village Road Improvement Mukun Komba City District, East Manggarai Regency, Nusa Province East Tenggra. Equation in
calculating the unit price analysis of work, on the job Ordinary Soil Excavation and Ordinary Backfill of the two methods are components which include wages, materials and equipment. While the difference is the calculation of the coefficient value and unit price. Where in the analysis The field does not have equipment that is in accordance with the SNI method, such as: Water Tank Truck, Excavator Motor Grader, and Motor Grader. Comparison calculation results for ordinary soil excavation work the results obtained for field analysis obtained the lowest price, namely Rp 77,770,00 compared to the SNI analysis of Rp 93,578.87. As for the results Comparative calculations on ordinary embankments get results for field analysis get the highest price, which is RP 1,001,391.00 compared to the analysis SNI is IDR 183,097,79.


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