Work Accident Analysis at PT. Sinergi Perkebunan Nusantara Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Method (AHP)


  • Dicky Wirandi Siswoyo Department of Industrial Engineering, AKPRIND Institute of Science and Technology
  • Kartinasari Ayuhikmatin Sekarjati Department of Industrial Engineering, AKPRIND Institute of Science and Technology


Analytic Hierarchy Process, safety, unsafe act, unsafe condition


Occupational safety and health is important to be applied to every line of the company, because it aims to avoid and prevent work accidents in the company. Work accidents occur if there are unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. If an accident occurs in the company, further analysis is needed to find out the main factors that cause work accidents. Therefore, PT. Sinergi Perkebunan Nusantara will be analyzed for work accidents using AHP method. This is done, because there are equipment and machines that dangerous in the process of processing palm oil into CPO. Based on AHP method, the main factor of work accidents is caused by human factors. Through the human factor, it can also lead to other factors, such as: workers who do not apply occupational safety and health, can affect their focus in paying attention to the condition of work equipment and the workplace environment. Government Regulation Number 88 (2019), defines that the workplace in the form of a field or space, open or closed, can move or stay. This means, all workplaces have a source of danger. Therefore, there is a need for further analysis on other lines of the company, so work accidents can be avoided


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