Comparisonal Analysis of RAB (Cost Budget Plan) Metode Konvesional with Metode BIM (Building Information Modelling) (Studi Kasus Gedung Kuliah Tiga Lantai di Yogyakarta)


  • Anton Ainurrofiq Civil Engineering Department, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia


RAB, BIM, Tekla Structure Student Version 2020


Cost Budget Plan (RAB) is Calculation of the amount of costs required for materials, tools and wages, in volume units, time, and density well as other cost, related to the implementation of work on the project. The purpose of this research is   calculate and know the results volume ratio of a software Building Infomation Modelling (BIM) that is One of which is Tekla Structure with conventional calculations. Result of conventional volume calculation and Tekla Structure there are some differences that is: made of concrete, iron, Steel WF, and Light steel. Then the cost is less Rp. 250.889.321,01 (DTwo Hundred Fifty Million Eight Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Twenty One Point Zero One Rupiah) of cost RAB plenner (Conventional).


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