A Review on A Greener Approach to Information Technology: Green Cloud Computing


  • Ashish Kumbhare Faculty of Science and Tchnology, The ICFAI University
  • Naveen Kumar Vaishnav ashishkumbhare99@gmail.com
  • Kiran Midiyam Faculty of Science and Tchnology, The ICFAI University
  • G. Dileep Naidu Faculty of Science and Tchnology, The ICFAI University


Green Cloud computing, Virtualization, Workload Consolidation, Migration


Cloud computing is a popular technology because it solves big computational problems by pooling resources and provides a variety of additional services through the internet. The need to improve cloud performance has arisen as a result of computational offloading and the growing requirement for quick and suitable responses for real-time applications. Furthermore, the enormous rise in data and requests has necessitated the construction of a significant number of data centers throughout the world. As a result of the high energy consumption of data centers, this raises the economic and environmental costs. Furthermore, the production of CO2 and other greenhouse gases has opened the way for the expansion of the carbon footprint and, as a result, the greenhouse effect. Green technology is propelled by these forces. As a result, energy-efficient solutions that make the most use of existing resources are required. This article gives a summary of the cloud system, as well as the metrics that must be satisfied in order to have a green cloud computing flavor, and the existing methods.


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