Application of Simulation for Cinema Queue Policy in the COVID-19 Era


  • Dutho Suh Utomo Industrial Engineering, Universitas Mulawarman,
  • Masrul Indrayana Industrial Engineering, Universitas Widya Mataram
  • Retno Widiastuti Industrial Engineering, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa


Simulation, COVID-19, Queue, Policy


In the COVID-19 era, in a situation where the number of COVID-19 sufferers has decreased, there was a policy that allowed opening a business with one condition being to maintain a distance from human queues, including cinema ticket queues. Simulation is a method for comparing policies by analyzing the results of their implementation. Costs can be reduced by implementing simulations because policy testing is done by executing the designed model without implementing it directly. Therefore, the purpose of this study analyzed cinema queues in the COVID-19 era by comparing the policies of the previously designed queuing system. To get an effective queuing policy, the analysis was carried out by comparing the queues of various policies by considering the distance between the queues. This study developed a queuing policy that reduced the number of queues. The results obtained can be used to recommend the cinema on how to design a queuing system to reduce queues while maintaining distance settings


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