Lean Manufacturing Approach to Minimize Waste Production Using Value Stream Mapping


  • Emmy Nurhayati Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa


lean manufacturing, waste, value stream mapping, gloves


In the manufacture of gloves can not be separated from the wastes that occur in production activities. Activities that do not provide added value can result in losses for the company due to the ineffective and efficient use of resources continuously during the production process. In optimizing the production system, manufacturing companies use a Lean Manufacturing approach to maintain and improve the quality of their products. The concept of Lean Manufacturing can reduce lead time and increase output by eliminating activities that do not provide added value that occur in the company's production system. The method used is Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to identify waste in the glove production process in the company that can minimize waste on the production floor and provide recommendations for corrective actions to make the process more efficient. The results of the waste that occur are defect waste, waiting waste, unnecessary motion waste and transportation waste and a reduced lead time of 103,44 minutes and a decrease in cycle time of 0,82 minutes.


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