The Flood between the Balance of Natural Systems and the Challenges of The Future


  • Ahmad Mashadi Department Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Yogyakarta


water, flood, eco-drainage system, retention pond, infiltration


The Water is a gift from God Almighty that is needed by all living things. The availability of water for human and other commercial purposes includes the quality and continuity of social, environmental and economic functions. Water as a natural resource can be renewed even though it is influenced by various interests and goals. Population growth, development of settlements related to water is still ongoing. The development of settlements is one of the causes of the reduced water catchment area in the rainy season which increases the volume of runoff that causes flooding. Floods are often associated with the rainy season causing damage in various places. On the other hand, the availability of water tends to decrease, but the demand for water increases and drought can occur in the dry season. Changes in water quantity and quality can cause problems, so it needs to be managed with an integrated approach. Management with efforts to reduce damage due to flooding and minimize drought in the dry season. A rational approach to flood problems is carried out in an area that synergizes between regions with an eco-drainage system. This system can control excess surface water and the opportunity for a lot of water to seep into the ground. This is intended so that groundwater conservation can take place properly and the dimensions of the drainage building structure are more efficient. Other efforts that can be done in several areas are by building retention ponds, infiltration and so on.


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