Understanding Mathematical Concepts Using Manipulative Media Based Problem Based Learning Models in Elementary Schools


  • hary setyawati UST Yogyakarta
  • Kristi Wardani
  • Indaryanti


This research was conducted to find out the implementation of the application of learning using the problem-based learning (PBL) model based on manipulative media on students' conceptual understanding. This study uses a class action research method with data analysis techniques using comparative descriptive. The sample is fourth-grade students at SD Kota Yogyakarta, totaling 25 people. The results of this study indicate that learning is going well, it can be seen from the students' response to understanding the concept of presenting data using manipulative media through the problem-based learning model which is positive. Increased understanding of students' cognitive aspects of concepts is at 80% completeness in cycle II. This is by the classical completeness criteria of 75%. So it can be said that the solution so that students can understand the concept of learning mathematics data presentation material with a problem-based learning model based on manipulative media is appropriate.

Keywords: Understanding of mathematical concepts, manipulative media, Problem Based Learning


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