Improving Critical Thinking Ability and Learning Outcomes through Problem Based Learning Model for Mathematics Subjects in Fourth Grade


  • Muh Jauhar Nafis Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa, Indonesia
  • Siti Mariah
  • Supatmiatin Lestariningsih SDN Rejowinangun 1, Indonesia
  • Hasan SDN Rejowinangun 1, Indonesia


Project-Based Learning method, Critical Thinking, Science subject


Improving the Motivation of 5th Grade Students in Learning Science using Project-Based Learning Model. This research aims to enhance critical thinking skills of 5th-grade students in Science through the implementation of the Project-Based Learning model. The type of research conducted is Collaborative Classroom Action Research (PKK). The hypothesis in this study states that the application of Project-Based Learning model can improve students' critical thinking and understanding in Science for 5th-grade elementary students. The research subjects are 28 students from 5th grade in elementary school. The study is conducted in 2 cycles, each consisting of 2 meetings. The methods used to collect data include observation, tests, interviews, and documentation. The research results show a significant influence on students' critical thinking ability when using the PjBL model compared to the conventional model. This is evident from the test scores obtained by students using the PjBL model, with initial data showing 52.85% in pre-cycle, increasing to 68.57% in cycle I, and 80.89% in cycle II. This indicates that there is a positive impact of using the PjBL model on students' critical thinking skills in Science for 5th-grade students at Elementary School.


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