Improving Critical Thinking Skills and Tolerance through a Culturally Responsive Teaching Approach in Third Grade


  • Devi Setyaningsih Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Siti Anafi'ah
  • Hidayatu Romlah
  • Simping Sunarsih


critical thinking, Culturally Responsive Teaching Approach, Tolerance


Critical thinking skills are skills needed to face the industrial era 4.0 with 4C skills, including thinking skills. After learning at home students must return to mastering critical thinking skills that were not developed during online learning. During this period, students who tend not to socialize are regularly faced with individual differences in class that require an attitude of tolerance, so the urgency to improve critical thinking skills and tolerance for third grade is very high. By using the Culturally Responsive Teaching approach to the Problem Based Learning l model in the Indonesian language. The research method used is classroom action research in collaboration with classroom teachers using data collection techniques from documentation, observation, tests and discussions. The research was conducted in two cycles and analyzed using technical triangulation. The subject of the study was the critical thinking skills and tolerance attitude of 28 third grade students in the city of Yogyakarta. The result of this study is that critical thinking skills increased from 56% to 79%. As for the attitude of tolerance from 61% to 89%. So that the Culturally Responsive Teaching approach with the Problem Based Learning model can improve critical thinking skills and tolerance attitudes of third grade.


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