Enhancing Cooperative Capability and Outcomes Learning PPKn through the Learning Model Problem Based Learnings on Students Class III Elementary School


  • Mukti Tri Pamungkas Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Siti Anafiah
  • Hidayatul Romlah Glagah Public Elementary School
  • Esti Hantari Glagah Public Elementary School


ability cooperation, PPKn learning outcomes, and problem-based learning models.


Problem main in study This is Not yet maximum ability Work same and gain results Study PPKn student class III school basic. Study This aim For know enhancement ability Work same and result Study PPKn through learning models Problem-Based Learning for students class III at school basic. Type study This is Study Class Action (PTK). A subject study totaled 27 students. PTK design includes planning, action & observation, and reflection. Research results show that there is enhancement ability Work same and result Study PPKn. The average yield study on pre-cycle was 58.90 in cycle I increased to 69.72 and in cycle II to 84.07. Percentage of completeness students in cycle I by 55% and cycle II by 88%. Ability Work The same students also experience an upgrade, on pre-cycle ie 58.20%, in cycle 1 increased by 70.10%, and in cycle II to 84.65%. So can be concluded that learning with applied learning models and Problem-Based Learning can increase the ability to work the same and result in Study PPKn for students in class III at school basic.


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