The Use of Practical Tools to Enhance the Elementary School Students Creativity and Critical Thinking


  • Nur Khasanah Universitas Sarjanawiyata Yamansiswa




The aim of achieving this class action research is to know the improvement of creativity and problem-solving ability on the use of tools for students of SD class I on mathematical subjects of the main language of measurement using the Problem Based Learning model. Data collection techniques in this study use observations, interviews, tests and documentation. Data collection tools use observation sheets, interviews, tests and documentation. Based on the results of research conducted in Class I SD in the academic year 2022/2023 it can be concluded that: the application of concrete learning tools with a problem-based learning model can improve the creativity and ability to solve problems of students. This was demonstrated by an increase in the presentation in each cycle from the classic average of the I cycle 68.75% with a good category to 81.25% in the II cycle with an excellent category. The increase also occurred in problem solving with a classic I-cycle average of 75% with a good category to 87.5% in the II-cycles with an excellent category. Presentation of the impact on creativity and problem-solving ability of students showed a 12.5 percent percentage.


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