Efforts to Improve Higher Level Thinking Skills in Thematic Learning through Problem Based Learning Model for Class III SDN Rejowinangun 1


  • Efa Okvita Rosadian Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Retno Utaminingsih
  • Diana Nyoman Sartika


Problem Based Learning, Higher Level Thinking


The 21st century is an era of globalization where changes occur very quickly. This era requires humans to survive and adapt to these changes. The ability to survive and adapt to humans is strongly influenced by the ability to think highly to find problem- solving solutions. Changes in the era that has entered the industrial revolution 4.0 have an impact on the learning process which requires changes in learning objectives. One of the thinking skills that need to be developed is the ability to think at a high level or in English called high order thinking skills (HOTS). The study aims to determine the improvement of students' higher order thinking skills in thematic learning through the application of problem-based learning model. This research is a collaborative classroom action research conducted in class III SDN Rejowinangun 1 as many as 28 students. The results showed that the average score of pre-action was 50.0 with a percentage of completeness of 43% which was in the low category, then in cycle 1 showed an increase to 60.3 with a percentage of completeness of 57.14% which was in the moderate category. In cycle 2, the average score of higher order thinking skills was 75.0 with a percentage of completeness of 78.57% which was in the high category. The results showed an increase in the higher order thinking skills of elementary school students using problem based learning. The implication of this research can be used as a reference in improving the higher order thinking skills of elementary school students.


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