Application of Games in Problem Based Learning in Mathematics Learning to Increase HOTS of Class II-A Students of SD Negeri Ngebel


  • Nunung Lusiana Sarjanawiyata Taman Siswa University


Game, PBL, Mathematic


The background of this research is the low critical thinking skills or HOTS, students' activeness is not facilitated, classes are not conducive in class IIa SDN Ngebel especially in learning mathematics. The purpose of this study is to make improvements in learning and as an effort to improve critical thinking skills in class IIa students at SDN Ngebel by learning with game wrappers in the problem-based learning model. This research is a classroom action research (CAR) using the Kemmis and MC Taggart models, with planning steps, action implementation and observation, and reflection. Data collection techniques using test techniques. The test instrument is in the form of description questions to measure the level of HOTS critical thinking skills. Based on the results of research in cycle I and cycle II, there was an increase in the average pretest and posttest and in the posttest comparison of cycle I and cycle II there was also a significant increase. The increase in the mean pretest to posttest in cycle I was 49.96 to 74.12. The increase in the mean pretest to posttest in cycle II was 62 to 84.04. The average posttest increase in the two cycles was 74.12 to 84.04.


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