An effort to encourage critical thinking in class 5 through media question cards in thematic learning


  • Tri Jatmiko Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Sri Adi Widodo Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Yanuarita SD N Jaranan
  • Destia Andita P.P SD N Jaranan


Critical Thought, Question Card


The 2013 curriculum is student-focused, demanding students to be active and critical thinking. Integrated thematic learning requires more effort due to the fact that students still have a lower tendency to show critical thinking skills. It is important for learners to get instructions on how to think critically so that they can identify problems, process problems, and conclude real-world problems to gain a better understanding of their world. One medium that can encourage students to become more active and critical thinking is using Question Qard. In an effort to enhance students’ critical thinking abilities, the study used Question Card media as well as using learning models that support success in research. Data is collected by looking at previous research journals and books related to the subject. Next, the data is analyzed.

Research results show that the use of Quetion Qard learning media in integrated thematic learning improves critical thinking skills of students in the fifth grade of Elementary School in Bantul. The application of learning models tailored to current problems also supports success.  Test results showed improvements in cycle I, students' critical thinking test results increased from the average pre-action score of 66 percent to 81 percent, and in the second cycle, the average score of 85 percent while the observation results also improved from the first cycle with an average of 73 percent to 78 percent in the third cycle. These results also show that students become more active in learning, have more time to find and gather the desired information, and students also have a greater chance to study with their friends.


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