The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model at Mathematics Subject to Increase the Independence and Achievement of Grade 2 Primary Students


  • Irfan Yoni Tama UST
  • Murniningsih UST
  • Meita Ratnasari SDN Jurug
  • Siti Anisah SDN Jurug


learning achievement, learning independence, project-based learning, mathematics


Based on observations of students in class IIB SDN Jurug in learning math material on time conversion, students were found to have low learning independence and learning achievement. The problem of low learning independence and student achievement is caused by a learning model that is less learner-centered and can be overcome by carrying out a process of improving the quality of learning in the classroom through a learning model that can accommodate student learning needs. So it is necessary to conduct classroom action research to overcome these problems through a problem-based learning model in mathematics content. This is an effort to increase the independence and mathematics learning achievement of grade II students. The results of this improvement obtained an increase in student independence and learning achievement. Based on the results of the action, in cycle I student independence was found with an average class score of 79 with a percentage of 65.83% with a total of 11 students having met the criteria for completeness or 44%. While in cycle II student independence showed an increase with an average class score of 101 with a percentage of 84.17% with the number of students who met the KKM as many as 21 people or 84%.


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