Improving Student Cooperation through the Type of Team Games Tournament Cooperative Learning Model for Class IV Elementary School


  • Taofik Kurniadi Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Ermawati Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Ibnu Mukti Prayitno SD Negri Ngebel
  • Endang Lestari SD Negri Ngebel


Problems of student cooperation in learning activities such as completing group assignments are only solved by one or two group members, other group members play and do not participate in the work. There was no discussion in completing group assignments. The lack of growth of a competitive spirit in students in doing assignments so that the results are better than their friends. This shows that student collaboration has not fully emerged and students have not understood the importance of cooperation in everyday life, especially in the learning process. This study aims to improve student cooperation through the cooperative learning model of the Teams Games Tournament type. This type of research is Collaborative Classroom Action Research (PTKK). The action hypothesis in this study is that the application of the Teams Games Tournament type cooperative learning model can increase student collaboration. The subjects in this study were fourth grade elementary school students, totaling 19 students. The object in this study is the cooperative attitude of class IV students. This research was conducted in 2 cycles, each cycle consisting of 2 learning activities. The techniques used in data collection are observation, questionnaires, and documentation. The results of collecting student collaboration questionnaires in cycle I and cycle II obtained an average data in cycle I of 2.91 and in cycle II of 3.52. The results of observations of student cooperation in cycle I and cycle II obtained an average data in cycle I of 2.94 and in cycle II of 3.38. From the results of the data that have been obtained there is an increase in cycle I to cycle II. Based on the research that has been carried out, it shows that using the cooperative learning model of the Teams Games Tournament type can increase the cooperation of fourth grade elementary school students.


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