Doraemon’s Magic Pockect Media as an Effort to Improve Critical Thinking in Elementary School


  • imah Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Kristi Wardhani Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Indaryati Ngupasan Public Elementary School


critical thinking skills, state symbol materials, doraemon's magic pocket media


This study aims to improve critical thinking skills in relation to state symbolic material through the use of the Doraemon's magic pouch media in the class III in Yogyakarta. This type of research is collaborative classroom action research (PTKK) with two cycles. The subjects of this study were 19 students in the class III. Data collection was done using tests and non-tests. Descriptive questions, interviews, and observations were used as research instruments. Quantitative descriptive analysis was used for data analysis. The results showed that the use of the Doraemon's magic pouch media was able to improve the critical thinking skills of the class III in relation to state symbolic material. This can be evidenced by the increase in learners' critical thinking skills from the baseline average of learners' critical thinking skills, 30.5 (non-critical) to 48.7 (fairly critical) in the final condition. The increase also occurred in student learning outcomes, which also experienced an increase from the initial condition (pre-cycle), namely 65.8 with a completeness level of 15.8%, in cycle I, namely 70.9 with a completeness level of 47.4%, and in cycle II to 80.4 with a completeness level of 84.2%.


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