New Perspectives for Tennis Players in Poland After Coronavirus Pandemic


  • Karolina Owczarek Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland


pandemic, tennis, sport, professional, government, new era


The purpose of this study is to show the new, professional and above all prospective tennis league that emerged after the end of the pandemic. Furthermore, to show how the Polish government is involved in helping professional tennis in Poland. Source analysis was used to conduct this study using the content analysis technique and the theoretical tool of a set of questions to the sources. The results of the research showed that the Super League can be a promising venture and can give great benefits to the players, including new international contacts, money, performing in front of large audiences, but most importantly, experience. Moreover, this league is supported by governmental entities with patronage and funding. Moreover, this is not the only tennis event in which the Polish government is involved. They have also extended their patronage to the Polish National Championships and have partially financed the most developed tennis and sports center in Poland. This study can be a prelude to further research on the super league, but also the government's efforts to develop professional tennis in Poland. In addition, it is recommended that further research be conducted on the super league and what opportunities it has given to players after the end of its first season.


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