On behalf of the organizing committee of the International Seminar and Call for Paper commemorating the 100th anniversary of Tamansiswa, we are very pleased to welcome all presenters to actively participate in this conference. By taking the theme “Education, Culture, and Nationalism in New Era”, this seminar aims to explore, recognize, and revitalize education and culture today and in the future. 


Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought considerable impacts on various aspects worldwide. As this situation may not be recovered shortly, it is necessary for the authorities to encourage their people to live amid the pandemic or the so-called new era. The new era policy enables people to do various activities during the pandemic with some adjustments. For instance, in education sector the ubiquitous technology obviously brings many benefits providing online learning media such as video conferencing application that enables synchronized discussion, online quizzes, material sharing, and many others. In Indonesia, despite the deteriorating situation, it is believed that this should strenghten the spirit of nationalism through cross-party collaboration inolving the government, institutions, as well as the community in order to ensure the human resource development through education. Tamansiswa, an institution that has been establishing for a century in the nation, is also required to develop its culture-based education spirit in this new era. Accordingly, to commemorate a century of Tamansiswa, this forum is initiated for scholars, practitioners, and other parties who are interested in education and culture to disseminate, discuss and collaborate the idea, best practices, and researches on education, culture, and nationalism particularly in new era.      


Finally, we also express our appreciation to the distinguished speakers who proactively share their thoughts and ideas in this event. We hope that there will be more aspirations as well as positive changes that can be implemented to improve the role of education and culture in the future.


Yogyakarta, June 18th, 2022

Conference chair

Dr. Saur Panjaitan XIII, M.M