An Analysis about Factors Affecting Buddhist Tourism Learners’ Speaking Skill Based on Gender Diversity


  • Arina Afiyati Shadikah Buddhist Priesthood Department, Sekolah Tinggi Agama Buddha Negeri Raden Wijaya Wonogiri, Indonesia


speaking skill, Buddhist tourism learners, male learners, female learners


Qualitative study was applied in this research. This study aimed to identify factors affecting speaking skill of Buddhist Tourism learners and to find out problems faced in performing speaking. Subject of this study were 45 learners which were divided into 19 male learners and 26 female learners of Buddhist Tourism study program. This Data were collected using interview and questionnaires. The data collected were analyzed using qualitative design with flow method which consists of three stages. Those were data reduction, data display, and verification or conclusion. The result of this study showed that the most affecting factors for male learners were time for preparation, confidence, pressure to perform well, and topical knowledge. While the most affecting factors in speaking skill for female learners were confidence, time for preparation, and anxiety. The learners also get difficulties when performing speaking skill. The male learners’ difficulties were worry, no motivation, inability to think, and English acquisition. While the female learners’ difficulties were worry, shame, speaking less, and fear.


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