A Study of The History of Mongolian-Indonesian Friendly Relations


  • Khorloo Baatarkhuu School of International Relations and Sociology, The University of the Humanities, Mongolia


Mongolia-Indonesia relations, Asian neighbors, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation


This article covers the ancient historical relations between Mongolia and Indonesia and the process of establishing diplomatic relations in 1956, and the development of political, economic and social relations since then бilateral and regional relations and cooperation have been studied. The curtains of the Cold War are drawn around the world, international relations are divided into a bipolar world,it will be a difficult time in 1956, Indonesian President Sukarno an official visit to the People's Republic of Mongolia, marking the beginning of bilateral relations, the current political situation in the world, Political and historical processes of Mongolian-Indonesian relations that have developed rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century, good memories of mutual economic assistance, The future trends and opportunities for multilateral cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region will be discussed. In line with the development trends of the new century, this is getting closer and closer to integration, Indonesia, as Mongolia’s leading neighbor and partner in Southeast Asia, also explored opportunities and challenges to develop mutually beneficial cooperation through economic, trade, investment, tourism, science and technology, education and socio-cultural exchanges.


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