Vietnam’s Cultural Diplomacy Towards ASEAN Countries in the Digital Age


  • Huynh Nguyen Tam Anh Ho Chi Minh University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology, Vietnam


cultural diplomacy, mutual understanding, identity, digital age


Vietnam has used cultural diplomacy as a significant diplomatic tool to cooperate and integrate with the world in general and ASEAN regional countries in particular. In the era of globalization, cultural diplomacy has played a vital role as a bridge which connects many nations with the aim of enhancing the mutual understanding and maintaining the friendships between Vietnam and other countries. More importantly, cultural diplomacy helps Vietnam to boost national image and reputation to the world. This paper presents the importance of cultural diplomacy in the context of international integration and Vietnam’s cultural diplomacy strategy to ASEAN countries and discuss some kinds of cultural activities which Vietnam utilizes to promote the Vietnamese culture abroad. Furthermore, the paper also mentions the achievements and limitations of Vietnam’s cultural diplomacy in the digital age.


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