Integration of Technology in English Language Teaching


  • Ujas Pandya Assistant Professor, SDJ International College, Vesu, Surat, India
  • Paresh Joshi Professor, Department of English, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, India


Technology, Language, Language Teaching, Multimedia, Digital


This quick growth and evolution of information technology have made investigating the new teaching paradigm more accessible as a result, technology plays a vital role in English teaching. Using multimedia to establish an environment for teaching English has distinct advantages. Technology has become an integral component of the learning process inside and outside the classroom. Almost every class of language incorporates technology. The usage of technology has assisted and enhanced language acquisition. Technology facilitates instructors to modify classroom activities, so increasing the language-learning process. The significance of technology as a tool for teachers to promote language acquisition for their students continues to rise. This study examines the role of modern technologies in English as a second/foreign language learning. Different attitudes that encourage English language learners to improve their learning skills through the use of technology were discussed. In this work, the author defines the terms technology and technology integration, explains the use of technology in language classrooms, examines the importance of multimedia technology to language instruction, and identifies the challenges associated with implementing these technologies. The literature review revealed that the successful application of new technology increases language learning skills in students.


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