Improving Reading Skills through the PBL-Based SQ3R Method in Class IV Students in Sleman Regency


  • Ima Faridhotul Ilmiah Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Nadziroh Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Endah Sri Sulistyowati Kapunda Public Elementary School


Reading skill, SQ3R method, PBL


The problem of learning in class IV students of SD Negeri Kapunda, Sleman Regency is that the teacher has not used innovative learning models such as the Problem Based Learning learning model. In addition, this research is also motivated by the low reading skills of students. students are less enthusiastic about reading and difficult to dare to read in public. This happens because learning only uses and works on textbooks without any student presentations in front of the class. As a result, students' reading skills are low. The research objective is to improve reading skills in learning using the PBL-based SQ3R method. The approach implemented is a collaborative qualitative approach between researchers, observers, and the object under study. The research subjects were the fourth-grade students of SD Negeri Kapunda, totaling 9 people. The research process was carried out in 2 cycles and each cycle was carried out in 2 meetings with a duration of 4 hours. This study consists of four main actions namely planning, implementation of action, observation, and reflection. The results of this study indicate that reading skills can be improved through the PBL-based SQ3R method with satisfactory results. This can be seen from the average completeness which has increased. In cycle I the average student was 68.74%, increasing to 87.5% in cycle II. This study concludes that the application of the PBL-based SQ3R method was able to improve the reading skills of class VI students at SD Negeri Kapunda.


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