Enhancing Elementary School Students Sentence Writing Skills by Applying Think Talk Write Model


  • Windi Luqianingrum Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Akbar Al Masjid Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Endah Trie Mulyosari SD Negeri Depok 1
  • Nur Laily Ekowati SD Negeri Depok 1


writing skills, think talk write model, elementary school students


In learning Indonesian, the ideal is to be able to write sentences using capital letters and proper punctuation. Writing skills are one of the skills that students must have, especially when learning Indonesian. The purpose of this research is to improve sentence writing skills using the Think Talk Write models. Kemmis and McTaggart's models of preparation, action, observation, and reflection were used in this collaborative action research in the classroom. The subjects of this research were 28 elementary school student. Data collected using student worksheets and observation forms. The data analysis methods used by the researchers were descriptive, quantitative, and qualitative. The results showed that sentence writing skills improved to 64% (defficient category), 70% (sufficient category), and 83% (good category) in the II cycle in the preliminary stage. A sign of success is that at least 70% and 71% of students, or 20 students in total, are able to form sentences with capital letters and correct punctuation. Consequently, implementing the Think Talk Write model can improve elementary students' writing skills because the indicators of success were met or a certain percentage of the indicators of success were achieved.


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