Increasing Student Learning Interest Through the Application of Problem-Based Learning Models in Class V Science Lessons


  • Nova Rahmawati Manis Herawati Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University
  • Istiqomah Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University


The research was conducted to determine the increase in students' interest in learning with the problem-based learning model. This study aims to calculate the results of students' interest in learning science subjects. The research was conducted in 2 cycles, which were carried out in stages with a simple quantitative research method. Data collection uses questionnaires and documentation both photos and videos. The results of the research before using the problem-based learning model found a percentage of 48.2%, where this percentage is included in the less category. After the implementation of cycle 2 by applying the problem-based learning model, the percentage results obtained were 73.73% with good information. The data processing was obtained by distributing questionnaires to 15 students with details of 9 male students and 6 female students. Keywords: interest in learning, problem-based learning, learning models


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