Improving Concentration and Learning Outcomes through Problem-Based Learning in Grade 1 Elementary School Students


  • Yaniasti Putri Prabandari Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Shanta Rezkita Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Edy Yuliyanto SDN Terbansari Yogyakarta
  • Endang Sumini SDN Terbansari Yogyakarta


The problem faced in one of the elementary schools in Yogyakarta is the lack of concentration in student learning which results in low learning outcomes. The lack of student learning concentration is caused by internal and external distractions. The number of students in grade 1 of SD X is 19 students. This study aims to improve the concentration and learning outcomes of students through the Problem Based Learning model. This study used collaborative classroom action research (PTKK) methods which were carried out in 2 cycles with each cycle consisting of 2 actions. Each cycle is carried out with the stages of planning, implementing, observing and reflecting. Data collection techniques in the form of observation, tests and documentation. In this study, qualitative data is expressed in the form of words or symbols obtained from research results, quantitative data is expressed in the form of numbers based on the results of observations and tests. The results of this study showed an increase in learning concentration from the pre-cycle stage of 32.75%, cycle 1 64.33% and cycle 2 of 92.98%. Improved learning outcomes can be seen from the pre-cycle learning outcomes of 5%, cycle 1 53% and cycle 2 79%. Based on this data, it shows that the application of problem based learning is able to increase the concentration and learning outcomes of class students.

Keywords: Problem Based Learning, Learning Concentration, Learning Outcomes


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