The Use of Word Card Media to Improve Paragraph Writing Skill in Third Grade of Elementary School


  • Salsabila Anindya Putri Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa (UST)
  • TMA Kristanto Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa
  • Purwanto Giwangan Elementary School, Indonesia
  • Laras Sheila Juliani Giwangan Elementary School, Indonesia


learning media, word card, writing skills, paragraph, elementary school


From the results of observing the learning process in class, it was found that the student's ability to write paragraph was still relatively low. In overcoming this problem, it is necessary to have media, methods, and learning model by integrating active feedback between teacher and students to achieve learning objectives effectively and efficiently. In this case, a collaboration between teacher and students, students and the other students, is needed to give meaning to the learning process that occurs in the classroom. This study aims to improve paragraph writing skills through the use of word card media for third-grade elementary school students. This research is a collaborative classroom action research using two cycles. Each cycle consists of two meetings with four stages, planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. The subjects of this study were 24 students in the third grade of elementary school. The research data was obtained from observation sheets of teacher activities, student activities, and student learning outcomes. From the analysis results, it was found that the average value of the students' writing skills in cycle I was 76,5 and in cycle II was 88. The results of cycle I and cycle II showed an increase in student achievement which was influenced by the application of word card media in learning activities. From these data, it can be concluded that the use of word card media can improve the paragraph writing skill of third-grade elementary school students.


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