Increasing Student Learning Activeness Using PBL-Based LKPD Assisted by Concept Maps for Grade IV Elementary Schools


  • Serli Utami universitas sarjanawiyata tamansiswa
  • Rosidah Aliim Hidayat universitas sarjanawiyata tamansiswa
  • Tri Isyanti SD Negeri Giwangan
  • Purwanto SD Negeri Giwangan


active learning, PBL-based LKPD, concept maps


The purpose of this classroom action research is to increase student learning activeness in mutual cooperation material in fourth grade elementary school students. The research was conducted in 2 cycles. Cycle I was held on May 15 and 17 2023 and Cycle II was held on May 19 and 29 2023. The research model used in this classroom action research consisted of 4 stages, namely planning, implementation, observation and reflection. Data collection techniques through observation and documentation. Data analysis techniques use qualitative descriptions. The results showed that by using PBL-based worksheets assisted by concept maps, students' activeness in Civics learning increased. This can be seen from the observational data on student learning activeness obtained by 50% in the pre-cycle, increasing to 66.30% in cycle I and 79.06% in cycle II. In conclusion, using PBL-based worksheets assisted by concept maps can increase the activeness of Civics learning for fourth grade elementary school students.


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